The Four Rules of Stylish Christmas Decor for any Event

Transforming your home for Christmas is a wonderful experience, getting you in the mood for the coming festivities and offering a unique opportunity to express your style and creativity. It’s also crucial to the success of any event you might organize over the festive period. But if you want your house to look like something from a glossy magazine, rather than the display at the dollar store down the road, follow these four rules to make your Christmas décor tasteful and luxurious rather than lacklustre and tacky.

1. Keep it simple

The first mistake that many people make with their Christmas décor is trying to fit too much into the space. Plump for quality over quantity, carefully choosing each decorative piece. It’s better to have an artistically beautiful centrepiece over the mantel, and the rest of the walls bare, for example, than to overload the place with cheap tinsel and a chaos of lights.

2. Tie in with your existing décor

Work with what’s already going on in each room for the best effect possible. If your existing theme is somewhat minimalist, for example, complement this with decorations with strong lines featuring a contrast of color, pattern, and texture. Some bare tree limbs spray painted white and decorated with a few high-quality glass ornaments might go well. If your décor is warm, busy, and welcoming, you could go for a rustic-style Christmas feel and bring in bushy evergreens, embellishing them with red velvet ribbons and twinkling white lights. Use your creativity and play to the strengths of the space you’re using for your Christmas event.

3. Go professional

If you’re hosting a fabulous Christmas party, it’s always worth getting the professionals in. Not only will this transform your décor from amateur to the next level, it will mean more time for you to deal with the other aspects of planning the party, and cut down on stress. Here at Details we can transform any venue, be it your home, office, or a rented space, from dull to full of luxury Christmas cheer with a myriad twinkling lights, awesome floral displays, or stunning seasonal centrepieces.

4. Express your personal style

Whatever you do, stick to what you love. You’ll never be able to pull off décor that doesn’t resonate with your personal taste and preferences. If you’re not sure what these are, there are thousands of images and ideas online and in magazines that can inspire you. Spend some time fixing on a common theme or idea that feels right and will pull together all of your disparate ideas into one, magically festive, final result.

Written by Jenny Holt