Hao and Chen's Intimate Rooftop Ceremony


Hao and Chen's May 6th wedding at The Inn at Laurel Point was one of the most heartfelt ceremonies we've been a part of. Hao and Chen came to us in late April wanting an intimate elopement with only a few witnesses. We began planning for a romantic elopement in just two weeks, however, Hao and Chen quickly realized just how many loved ones wanted to be a part of their special day. They finalized the guest list at 30 people, and they were more than happy to celebrate with all their closest friends and loved ones who all absolutely adore them.

Hao and Chen had an early afternoon ceremony on the six floor balcony. They were surrounded by gorgeous views of Victoria’s inner harbour and the weather could not have been better. They were greeted with sunshine for the entire day, and it provided the perfect setting for Hao and Chen to solidify their love for each other.

Chen told us from the start that she loved flowers, so we knew we had to have a big bouquet for her. We chose soft, romantic colours that would pop in their bright, airy wedding venue. Browns the Florist was able to make our vision come to life and everyone was thrilled with the end result.

We wanted to make sure that Chinese traditions were laced throughout their ceremony and reception, so during the ceremony Hao and Chen tied red strings around each others wrists, and they had guests do the same. In Chinese tradition, they view the red string as the ‘string of fate’, which has the potential to bind two people by the power of love and mutual trust. Years ago, when Hao first met Chen’s mother, she tied a similar red string around Haos ankle, which he was still wearing on their wedding day. The idea is that the two people connected by the red string are destined to be intertwined forever, and though the string may stretch, tangle, or fray, it will never break.

Hao and Chen’s unique bond was very evident from the moment we met them. Their love for each other, and the love that all their guests had for them as a couple was a pleasure to be a part of and we couldn’t be happier to have gotten to know Hao and Chen. Thank you to Tasha Cline Photography for capturing it so eloquently.

Thank you to all the vendors who helped bring this day together and make it so wonderful.

Photography: Tasha Cline Photography

Venue: Inn at Laurel Point

Cake: Schur To Please

Flowers: Browns the Florist

Celebrant: Barbara Dunsmore