Slegg Lumber Corporate Event

There’s no denying our love for weddings around here but did you know that we also do corporate events?! Our love for the corporate world is just as strong and we were so thrilled to be a part of this party for Slegg Lumber and all their amazing employees…500+ of them! Putting some money into the design of your party will really take it to the next level and show your staff how much you appreciate them. For this shaker we transformed an empty warehouse into a Prohibition Themed party with the help of some amazing vendors, listed below.

Nicole Slegg Party-1-0D9A1857.JPG
Nicole Slegg Party-23-0D9A1898.JPG
Nicole Slegg Party-28-0D9A1913.JPG
Nicole Slegg Party-102-0D9A2191.JPG
Nicole Slegg Party-103-0D9A2193.JPG