Coffee with Tres Chic Bridal Boutique

Alright I am going to do my very best NOT to say that cliche, 5 word phrase made ever so popular by TLC. If you're a bride to be, former bride or TLC junkie you know what show I am talking about! This blog isn't about getting you to say those words either. I simply want to share with you my love for this beautiful bridal boutique and it's gorgeous and stylish owner. I can often be found taking coffee breaks and swapping stories with Joan of Tres Chic Bridal Boutique, a stunning bridal boutique located in Langford in the Reflections building...right across the lot from Details!

When did you open Tres Chic Bridal Boutique and why?

8 months ago. I have always been fascinated by weddings and fashion so a bridal boutique seemed like the perfect fit!

What is the first thing you ask a bride when she comes in to your store?

I always ask them when they are getting married and where their wedding is happening.

Why is that important to know when finding a dress for your bride?

It is important to know because it can take 4-6 months to order the dress which a lot of brides don't realize. We have to order in the correct size which can take time. The venue is also important because not all dresses go with all venues. You have to take into consideration the elements, and work with the atmosphere of the venue.

Do most brides come in with an idea of what they want?

Yes, most brides already have an idea of what they want. They usually show me their Pinterest board which is filled with their wedding ideas.

How many of them actually stick to that idea?

Most of them don't stick to the idea. As you probably notice as well, a lot of Pinterest ideas don't come across the same when replicated or don't look the way the bride was picturing. Most trends from Pinterest usually have a high cut neckline but brides usually end up getting a sweetheart neckline.

Is it important to get to know a bride before knowing what dress to choose for her?

Yes, we do a consultation before we try on the dress so that I know their vision for their wedding and can help narrow down the choices.

How long did it take you to find your dress?

Probably six months in total, I lucked out and found a gorgeous Vera Wang gown on a trip to Vegas.

Do you still have it?

I do! I hang it near the fitting room in the boutique. I love looking at it everyday. I also have my reception dress there!

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a bride?

When finding the dress, it is important that your comfortable with and in the dress and that it speaks to you.

Thank you Joan! I encourage you all to pop in and see Joan at Tres Chic Bridal Boutique so she can help you say yes to the dress! Damn...almost made it.