Bogart Wedding Proposals: Your Perfect Proposal in Victoria BC

Norma Bogart has been a staple in the Victoria and Vancouver wedding industry for over 15 years. With experience in introducing and managing the wedding market in two different hotels, her wealth of knowledge knows no limits. 3 months ago Norma decided it was time to retire from the hotel industry, however, retirement for Norma looks a little different than most people. She is taking this opportunity to fulfill her dream of going out on her own to start ‘Bogart Wedding Proposals’: a world class business specializing in setting the perfect scene for wedding proposals. We first met Norma when she contacted us in hopes of collaborating for a stylized engagement shoot and we were immediately so excited at the prospect, as this business model is brand new to Victoria. We pulled together some of our favorite vendors to pull off this spectacular shoot, and in the mean time we got to know this incredible woman who has dedicated her career to the industry of love.

Like a lot of people, Norma first developed an interest in wedding planning after planning her daughters wedding. She says, “because I’ve always had an attention to detail, and I can multitask, it just worked for me.” After the wedding, Norma and Jennifer teamed up to create ‘Bogart Weddings and More’.

At this time, Norma had been working at The Delta Ocean Pointe Resort for several years, and after working alongside Jennifer for several months preparing their new business, she thought it was time to have a chat with her General Manager, Dale Dyck. Norma shares, “I said to him: I’m going to resign because my daughter and I are building this wedding planning business.” Norma had thought for several months about this move and was certain it was the right choice, however, what Dale said surprised her. He said, “No, I don’t want you to leave. Why don't you become our hotel wedding planner?” At this time she had no experience in this industry, and taking on a massive hotels entire wedding department was a huge challenge, however, Norma decided to move forward at The Delta. Dale had business cards made up in a couple of weeks, and within three months she had booked 23 weddings for the coming summer; Norma and Jennifer decided to put ‘Bogart Weddings and More’ on hold for a little while.

After 6 years at The Delta, Norma moved on the work at Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier in Vancouver for 8 years. Leaving both of those teams to pursue her own business was extremely hard as she grew so fond of both incredible teams. Norma had been wondering about the proposal side of the business for a couple years, and she decided it was time to move on. “There’s so much pressure with the wedding and the planning process, how nervous is the person that proposes when that’s the very start of the journey?! How does he or she handle that?” Thus, ‘Bogart Wedding Proposals’ was born. Now, two years of planning later, Norma is launching her new business whole-heartedly with the help of her daughter.

The proposal packages will range from low key to extreme, though even the most basic packages will be packed with romance, breathtaking scenery, and a beautifully set stage to pop the question. Every package will be customized to suit the couple, and there will always be personal details added to make sure that every experience is unique. Norma shares, “I’m going to need to get to know that couple really well, so I’ve made a questionnaire to get to know them and their budget.” A simple package could be a romantic picnic, a limousine wine tour, or a tour and lunch at Butchart Gardens. The more extreme packages involve helicopters, mountaintops, champagne, and remote candlelit dinners for two.

Norma’s enthusiasm for her business is intoxicating, which helps when asking businesses all over Victoria to partner up with her to create her packages. She states, “one thing I discovered in these past few weeks chatting with many of Victoria’s hospitality leaders is that most of them were as excited as I was about my new venture.” This is no doubt thanks to her inspiring energy and general joy that she brings to every interaction. In just over one month, she has created relationships with many companies in Victoria, including: Details Special Event Planning, Chelsea Warren Photography, Butchart Gardens, Harbour Air, VIH Aviation Group, Villa Eyrie Resort, Empress Hotel, Bear Mountain Resort & Spa, and more.

As Norma shares her ideas, her passion is evident in every word. When asked if she’s always had a passion for the ‘love’ industry, she laughed and said sarcastically, “nooo!” It is obvious in every effort put towards this new business venture, and her passion is what will lead ‘Bogart Wedding Proposals’ to success. We want to thank all the vendors that made this shoot possible, and Norma herself for inviting us to be a part of something so incredible and taking the time to share her story with us.